The smart home was the stuff of science fiction. Moviegoers viewed as Tony Stark commanded his mansion with nothing more than his voice, or wished they could have the kind of technology that created Batman’s life so amazing. These days, you don’t have to be a billionaire company owner or an outrageous offense fighter to create the ultimate smart house — Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Apple Home Kit have set home automation within reach of nearly anyone.
Home automation is not just cool, it’s sustainable, practical, and may even reduce your utility bill by conserving energy prices. If you are planning to sell your house, smart home gadgets technology can add value and make it look more upscale. There are plenty of smart home accessories in the marketplace today to suit an assortment of household functions, including amusement, cooking, pets, security, energy conservation, and more.
Since many modern TVs, stereos, and amusement devices are already Wi-Fi enabled, your living area is a natural place to start building your smart house ecosystem. There are plenty of smart home devices to tie your house entertainment experience together, like the Sonos Soundbar, a smartphone-controlled speaker which sits right under your TV. Pair it with sub-woofers to get a really immersive home theater system.
Talking of house theaters, Samsung offers surround sound systems which are Wi-Fi empowered. Roku players are streaming devices you connect to a TV with HDMI, enabling you to stream content from Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc.. Family movie nights only got better.
Smart home kitchen tech is a huge market, and for good reason. Imagine waking up to a pot of freshly brewed coffee every weekday, prepared before you’re even out of bed. This dream can be reality using a smart coffee maker by WeMo. Just auto-program it at precisely the same time each morning and enjoy snoozing an additional 15 minutes.
Sure, Alexa can turn you into a grocery list on control, but there’s nothing worse than being in the store and not having the ability to remember if you are out of eggs or milk. Enter the Smarter FridgeCam – a camera which lets you see the contents of your refrigerator from anywhere via a program on your smartphone. Smart technology at its finest.
Love cooking, but hate taking out all your measuring tools? The Drop Scale measures ingredients that you make following recipes a cinch. If you’re more of a one-and-done person when it comes to meals, consider the wise crock pot that cooks your meal while you’re outside at work. This gadget enables you to change the preferences in your own crock pot from anywhere via a smartphone program.
Smart technology is not just for people. Self-cleaning litter boxes like Litter-Robot separate the waste in the clutter and monitor your cat’s litter box usage through a program. Set automated feeding schedules to your cat or dog with the Smart Feed, which you command your telephone (no more Alexa integration nonetheless ).
Let your puppy come and go effortlessly (and keep the kitty in) with the Petsafe smart doorway, a doggy door that opens through a little”key” you attach to a dog’s collar. Smart collars such as the hyperlink AKC are GPS-enabled to track your dogs location from a program, giving you ultimate reassurance.
Protect your house, inside and outside, with smart home security gadgets. Systems such as Simpli Safe come equipped with motion sensors and alarms to scare off intruders. When the security system is triggered, it alerts you through a telephone app and starts recording, catching criminals on camera. Burglars beware!
Speaking of cameras, the Logitech Circle camera helps you keep an eye on your front porch and make certain packages do not get stolen. In addition, it can be used indoors to ensure your little children, pets, etc. remain safe.
Forgot the keys? It is no issue with a wise lock like the August, which permits you to lock and unlock the door gain access entrance, grant guest access, and more.