LG kicked off the second press day of the CES trade show on Wednesday with a 45-minute keynote featuring robots, consumer appliances and more products. Here are the biggest announcements that the company made:

A.I. comes to the home

The first announcement LG is one of its all electrical appliances will be wi-fi enabled. The goal is to connect them to the company’s DeepThinq AI feature. Means that electrical connections will be able to improve the performance of their individual users over time by using data based on the collection. For example, the company’s robot vacuum cleaners will learn what barriers are and how to avoid them, and its washing machines will automatically adjust the wash cycle to match the conditions.

The LG Hub Robot and Hub Robot Mini sit on a pedestal at CES in Las Vegas on Jan. 4, 2017

Robots for the home and business

The company also launched a new Hub Robot, which is meant to serve as a smart home hub and virtual assistant. It sports a body that can bob around as it responds to users’ questions, along with a screen that can display facial expressions or even video. One of its key benefits over other hubs, like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, is that it’s able to link into LG’s new smart appliances.

Users can ask the LG Hub to do things like delay the start of a load of laundry. The robots will also use the company’s SmartLinq A.I. technology to automate home tasks like scheduling a robot vacuum cleaner to run when people leave home.

It can also perform more standard tasks, like picking out music for users to listen to. The Hub Robot features a camera that can recognize users and give each of them different greetings.

The company is also taking the robot vacuum cleaner concept to the backyard with a new robotic lawnmower, which is supposed to work much like the autonomous indoor cleaners that have become increasingly popular. LG is far from the first player in that market — John Deere, Husqvarna, Worx, and Robomow all offer competing products.

For the business setting, the company unveiled the Airport Guide Robot, which — as the name implies — is built to show users around an airport. It’s built to do things like let users insert their boarding passes and get directions to their gate from a friendly looking robot.

LG also launched an Airport Cleaning Robot which, well, does exactly what its name implies.

LG has also been working with Amazon to integrate the online retailer’s Alexa assistant into its new Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, so that users can do things like get answers to questions and order groceries from Amazon. However, these robots don’t use Alexa to underpin their intelligence.

On top of all that, the company is working on security and senior care robots, which would put it in competition with a variety of other vendors.

HDTV, wallpaper-style

As LG continues to seek to compete with TV manufacturers for consumer dollars, the company unveiled a new ultra-thin TV in order to integrate into the customer’s wall.

The new LG Signature OLED TV w series sports super thin display panel is designed to sit just a few millimeters away from it is mounted on the wall while showing high-quality photos. All of this is possible because of the OLED technology, which does not require backlighting.

The 65-inch W7 TV is only 2.57 mm (about 10 inches) and is built directly into the wall using a magnetic stand. The company will also offer 77-inch W7 TVs. And then use a dedicated cable to connect the display panel with a large sound bar as a center to connect cable TV boxes and other equipment and TV media player.