It ’s 2020. In fact, for many people, the technological products that should be bought in these years have already been bought. Although there are new products, new products are available every year. Which new products are only added, and which new products are completely innovative It’s different.
Today, let ’s take a look at which technology products have broken through the technical bottleneck and went straight to the sky, and which products are still difficult to improve in the existing technology, but are only tinkering.Notebook field
The notebook field is ushering in a breakthrough this year. AMD ’s 4000 series processors easily reach 6 cores or even 8 cores. It is said that there is a 4650U. The integrated graphics VEGA 6 ’s 3D Mark score can easily exceed 80% of Intel ’s high-end processor i7-10710U This result is still quite is estimated that 6-core notebooks will appear on a large scale this year, and users who are still using dual-core notebooks can upgrade.