Samsung POWERbot VR9000

This robot vacuum has the greatest overall cleaning capability of all the robots in our lineup. VERDICT / Samsung POWERbot in the most important categories: clean. It also has an impressive navigation system that prevents it from bumping into most obstacles in its path. However, the manufacturer’s support does not help us find a filter or battery replacement.

Samsung entered the robot vacuum game some time ago, but POWERbot is its latest model. Compared with its competitors, it has a sleek body with shiny copper highlights. It absolutely looks like a powerful path that can strip out anything you have on the floor. Its cleaning power is worth the price, which is why it gets the top ten review Bronze, but there are some precautions such as its height, weight and lack of some convenient features, other robot vacuum cleaners.


After the initial charging overnight, samsung POWERbot began to action, we test area of the floor clean. It moves faster than most of our squad robot more slowly, but it works – this is a very careful collision to furniture or walls.

Occasionally it to do so, but very gentle. This robot vacuum is the highest one unit in our squad, so it has a very difficult things in some furniture – it didn’t even try to under the sofa fabric flap.

The path the POWERbot took made more sense to us than some of the best robot vacuums’ patterns. And when it approached an area with more dirt or debris than usual, it kicked into a spot cleaning mode, spiraling around the area and working harder to get all the bits and pieces up. When we tasked the robot with the same tests as the other bots, Samsung’s robotic vacuum was more up to the task than any other – it picked up every last bit of cereal, hair, crumb, litter and garlic skin that we laid out. It also tried to eat our thin rug and responded with an error message, so be sure to pick up anything that has fringe or tassels before having your robot vacuum cleaner work for you. Although it wasn’t as successful with the flour test – none of the bots scored 100 percent on that one – it did pick up about half of the fine dust.

POWERbot no threshold issues, it’s not from any stair falls off, so you can trust it clean without supervision. When it is completed or when the battery is low, it returns to its charging base.


Start using the samsung POWERbot robot is more difficult than others. After carefully read the handbook and play some pattern and function, we have mastered it. This isn’t the heaviest unit on our lineup, but it comes close, so its lack of a carrying handle is something to note – it was cumbersome to carry.

It does not include a side rotating brush, so it has a more difficult time near the edge of the cleaning, other robots can easily do it. It does communicate well, so you’ll know when you need to empty its bin or if it’s struggling with an error. Also, keeping this bot clean is easy – the dustbin quickly and easily lifts out and pops right back in. Samsung includes a cleaning brush with hard plastic bristles that make it simple to clear out long hairs that wrap around the roller brush.


Samsung is all in our squad robot vacuum cleaner force is incomparable. It also includes a remote control, its characteristic is to guide the robot to clean a specific point of the click method. However, it is the highest in our squad model, can not adapt to some of the furniture, the cleaning performance left something along the edge.